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Dams & Sires
Camo is a four year old tri-factored black female that has proven herself in the hunting world with a CPR title (Certified Pointing Retriever). I have hunted many birds over this dog: Geese, Ducks, Pheasant and Quail. She has been used for shed hunting. 
Baby Looks Good in Camo, "Camo" 
Camo has a knock-out Pedigree and is the foundation for the breeding at Bad to the Bone Labs. I couldn’t be happier with her as a pet and as a hunter. We had excellent results from her first litter of pups with some dogs going on to be titled, and others are making great gun dogs for the avid hunter. 

Camo's Documents
BTB Camo's Riser
Riser is a very energetic, young tri-factored yellow female. She has a great nose and is showing substantial drive for birds. Riser is currently in training. The unique thing about this female is that she has fifty two field champions in her pedigree, you won’t find many dogs like her. I expect to get some amazing pups out of this girl.

Riser's Documents
BTB Camo's Priest Gunner
Gunner has shown a substantial amount of bird drive and has an excellent nose. He is a brother to Riser and also has fifty two field champions in his pedigree. We will be using this dog as a stud dog we should get some amazing pups pairing with the right females. He is also currently in training.

Gunner's Documents
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Introducing our Dams: CamoRiser & our Sire: Gunner